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DNS Auto Updater

Combined with an AWS Route53 account, this application takes care of the heavy lifting of keeping a subdomain pointed at a non-static IP address.

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The SuperGenPass algorithm is an incredibly useful little piece of code. Originally developed in JavaScript, it is a simple deterministic algorithm. It functions in a complete trust no one fashion and generates strong passwords from a single secure master password. However, it never felt secure to pass my secret master password into the same browser environment as the site I was logging into.

This is why a while ago I started building native versions of the SuperGenPass algorithm in various forms. First a command line tool for linux servers, then a basic desktop app for Mac, and most recently an iOS app. I had just been using these apps on my personal devices, but figured others may find them useful.


This native desktop version functions the same as the mobile version, but automatically clears the password after 10 seconds. In addition to that basic functionality, the app can also optionally: hide your final password, self minimize, or quit once the password is cleared.


This native mobile version offers the same functionality as the SuperGenPass website, but automatically copies the final password to your clipboard for you.


The original JavaScript implementation can be found at

The Objective-C implementation of the supergenpass algorithm can be found on BitBucket